Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover Assemblable Remote Control Robot Bluetooth WiFi Smartphone App

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1. A modular coding toy, can be assembled into different structures using 978 toy blocks along with other parts
2. Eco-friendly material, safe for both adult and children
3. Main engine is powered by a ARM Cortex Mx 32-bit CPU processor and a proprietary operating system, allowing the robot to perform coordinated actions
4. Comes with four USB type-C ports, provides power to the robot and interfaces with other components
5. Stable enough to keep itself upright and move forward while supporting up to 3kg in weight
6. Two powerful high-speed brushless motors with rotating speed up to 170rpm and rotating torque capacity up to 25N.cm
7. Built-in photoelectric encoder, prevents motor from overstraining while it is stalled
8. Connects your robot via Bluetooth and controls it via phone app (Android 4.3 and above / iOS 6.0 and above)
9. Three control modes: Rocker mode / Gyroscope mode / Path mode
10. Simply drag and drop complex command code to the robot via your smartphone, programming without writing a single line of code
11. Support Bluetooth / Wireless 2.4GHz sensors / Wi-Fi Type-C adapter

- Model: Robot Builder Rover
Material: Plastic
CPU: ARM Cortex Mx 32-bit 108MHz
- Internal storage: 32Mb flash
- Sensors: Interface Expansion / Wireless Extension Sensor / Gyroscope
- Software supports: Smartphone remote control / Voice recognition / Gravity sensing remote control / Programming control / - Smartphone programming
- Battery: 11.1V / 18.3Wh lithium battery
- Adapter: 14V / 5V output

- Wi-Fi

Package Content
1 x Robot Kit
- 1 x User Manual

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Additional Information

SKU SH-8905
Price €133.90
Brand SureShop
Model Robot Builder Rover
Color Orange
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Package Contents
  • 1 x Robot Kit
  • 1 x User Manual
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