Customer Service

We always do everything possible to satisfy our customers, and we work hard every day to provide excellent shopping experience
We are selling electronic equipment, thus assisting our customers is the main part of our work. You are free to contact us anytime for advice ask about a product, explanations about the features, or to request an intervention under warranty, if your product shows a fault.

Customer service and Pre Sale Service

If you have decided to trust us and place an order on our site, we can not but thank you!
Before you buy, if you need any technical information, logistics or you can contact us using the channel you prefer:

  • E-mail:

    You can write us a message from the contact section of website, or if you need some specifics informations about one products, you can click on "ask a question about this product", that you can find in all products pages of website
  • Chat:

    If we are online, you can open the window which is located at the bottom right of the page, and start a chat session with one of our operators
  • Social:

    You can write us on Facebook, from SureShop Page

Technical support and assistance

Although we test all products before shipping, unfortunately with electronic products, it can happen that an object is not functioning.
If you have a problem with your device, we are ready to and help to solve the problem in the best way!
We have set up in this regard, a system of to ticket support, which allows us to follow all the required assistance quickly.
You can go to the Support Center and follow instructions for open a support request. Our technicians take charge of your request and will contact within 48 hours to find a resolution to the problem.
However, we remain always still available to addresses indicated above, to assist you if you had nel'utilizzo difficulties of our support center.